The role of School’s Mosque and Musolla in the teaching and learning of Islamic Education

Bani Hidayat Mohd Shafie, Nor Hayati Fatmi Talib, Ab. Halim Tamuri, Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani


AbstractThis paper aims to discuss the role of school's mosque and musolla in theteaching of Islamic Education. Mosque is a place where Muslim prays in harmonyas well as to work on religious matters. Besides, playing an important role instrengthening the bond between Muslim as a whole, mosque also is an educationalinstitution which offers various skills of Islamic knowledge to the society. As a centre for developing the love of worshippingtowards Allah, both of these institutions are significant to inculcate theIslamic way of life among students and to increase their level of appreciationtowards Islam. In a way of producing a good student for the next generation,mosque and musolla are the best ‘laboratory’ to enhance the students withtheory and practical of Islamic teachings. Furthermore, these institutionsrequire integrated skills of management and organisation in order to become aprominent nucleus in strengthening the process of teaching and learning forIslamic Education.Keyword : Mosque, school's mosque , musolla, teachingand learning, Islamic Education


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